Another 52 Blog Posts At A Glance

months_flyby_smConsidering how reluctantly I began blogging, believing I didn’t have anything “new” to say, I’m amazed I’ve blogged another year! In honor of this milestone and since I received such positive feedback when I summarized my first 52 posts, I’ve compiled a list of my second 52 posts. For those familiar with my writing and healing work, thank you for your continued interest and support. If you’re new to my blog, welcome. May these posts serve you on your journey.

I write about soul-level harmony and wholeness based on what I’ve learned from:

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ), a gentle Japanese form of acupressure
  • The Akashic Records, a way of viewing your life from a Soul Point of View (#SoulPOV)
  • Intuitive healing, an ability I spontaneously manifested in 2007
  • My own journey from a chemical engineer at IBM to healer and the continued blossoming into my soul self

Posts 1 through 10:
52 Weekly Blog Posts At A Glance  A summary of my first 52 blog posts
Don’t Set Your Money on Fire  Spend your energy as wisely as your money
Eyesight, Insight, Foresight  Support for your physical sight, awareness, and intuition
Magic Numbers  JSJ relationships between numbers
Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt Your expectations impact others
Self-Help First Aid Kit: Pain Reliever JSJ self-helps for pain
Book: The Abascal Way To Quiet Inflammation  A food-based approach to reducing harmful inflammation
Releasing Attachments  Attachments lead to suffering
Free Pass For Procrastinators  Self-judgment fuels procrastination
No Second-Guessing  Your first choice wasn’t a guess

Posts 11 through 20:
Family of Souls  Make peace with your family
Admit What You Love  What you love moves and supports you
Revising Writer’s Block  Accept the ebb and flow of the creative process
Perfect Choices  No “mistakes,” ever
Your Energetic Fingerprint  Your belongings energetically define you
Yield to the Present  You can’t be anywhere other than where you are
Helping Someone Stuck? Listen and Love  Everyone’s having the right experience
Conflicting Thoughts? Go Deeper  Move past the mind’s conflicting demands
Help Your Back Support You  JSJ self-helps for backs
Your Expanded Energetic Fingerprint  How all your human and soul choices define you energetically

Posts 21 through 30:
Don’t Push Yourself  Pushing never feels good
All Paths Lead Home  Tame unwanted thoughts and return to yourself
Befriend Your Challenges  Life always gives us just what we need
Blog Radio Show: An Insider’s Guide to Transformation  An interview with Anne Presuel, Divinely Intuitive Business
Humility’s Peace  Humility rests gently between inferior or superior
Align to Abundance  Your beliefs about abundance impact your wealth
Responsibility Brings Freedom  Appropriate responsibility frees everyone
The Power of Being  Invite a shift from busyness
Beyond Labels  Your identity beyond your roles
May All Be At Peace  Compassion grows as you face and witness challenges

Posts 31 through 40:
Your Relationship to Immunity  Support for various forms of immunity
Invite Surrender  Surrender allows “right action” in the moment
Soul Sight  Seeing (or imagining!) the best in people
Cultivate Soul Sight  More on how to see the soul level goodness in others
Take It As It Comes  Ride the ups and downs of life
Mountain or Molehill?  Scale life’s events appropriately
Harmonize Body Broadcasts JSJ self-helps for the various “noises” we make
Perfect Mistakes  Every “mistake” aligns with your soul’s evolution
True Helpfulness  Assist mindfully
Soul Teachers and Lessons  Difficult people as soul teachers

Posts 41 through 52:
Say Yes to Yourself  Say no to others to say yes to you
What is the Problem?  Inquiry may lead you to root cause
Self-Protection  Increase your sense of safety
Chest Flows  Jin Shin Jyutsu self-helps for vitality and stress
Lessons from Our Cat Nic What I learned from our larger-than-life kitty
Release to Receive  Exhale so you can inhale, both literally and figuratively
Harmonize Panic  Help for panic
My Meditation Journey  The evolution of my meditation practice
Don’t Raise the Bar  Raising the bar can cause poorer performance
Boundaries Allow Kindness  Set boundaries thus inviting kindness to yourself and others
Give Insomnia a Rest  Self-helps for better sleep
Find Ease in Release  Reframe your most difficult challenges as compassion training

What posts have you found particularly helpful? What physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges would you like me to explore in the future? 


  1. Congrats Christy! I have been a regular reader since mid-year last year and look forward to your post every Monday morning. I’ve perused your older post several times and have found the exact post I needed for what I was going through at the time. I noticed your summary post last year and am thrilled to see you have done it again. It makes it easier to find the post you need at the right time. I also like “intuitive thought leader”. That is you, no doubt about it.


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