Empowerment Via Your Soul Authority

pawn_Queen_smEveryone receives conditioning from their family, peers, educational system, and employers which cultivates acceptable and preferred behaviors. If you perform as expected, you get rewarded, and thus your behavior gets reinforced. Without some conditioned behaviors and expectations, societies can collapse into lawless chaos. Yet as you mature as a soul you discover a big gap between modern-day societal norms and your own internal authority, the voice of your spirit.

Feeling badly about yourself results from believing a lie. You might believe you need more of any of the following: accomplishments, friends, money, time, weight loss, health, or even enlightenment. Indeed any of those might benefit you and even allow you to serve others more fully but the lie arises in faulting yourself for not being somewhere else now. You can’t alter time and space!

The lies originate from an authority other than your soul since your soul cannot lie. Your soul’s wisdom and guidance might seem quiet or dormant while overpowered by your conditioning and other introjected or external authorities but it never leads you astray. It aligns you to your personal True North, returning you there again and again every time you fall for a lie.

Soul authority always comes from a loving, compassionate place. This authority brings a sense of “you’ve got this” rather than “you’ll never get this.” It empowers you to accept your current experience while envisioning and inviting a more expanded one. Soul authority recognizes your innate value regardless of your present circumstances and experience.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 19 invites owning your own authority. SEL 14 harmonizes desires, judgment, competition, and wanting “more.” I recommend holding self-helps for 36 out-breaths and in-breaths or until they feel done.

Have you experienced transformation by honoring your soul authority? How does following your soul guidance feel?


  1. Hi Christy, Another beautifully written post! So much of it resonates with me at this time. Especially these lines: This authority brings a sense of “you’ve got this” rather than “you’ll never get this. It empowers you to accept your current experience while envisioning and inviting a more expanded one.” Thank you for reminding us about the importance of soul authority. Joanne 🙂


  2. Great phrase ~ “Soul Authority”! When in doubt about the voices that influence me, I find it is useful to return to the source… that is what “Soul Authority” means to me. It dispels the clutter and fog of conditioning…
    P.S. I second Joanne’s comment. Thank you for the reminder to keep repeating: “You’ve got this” 🙂


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