Spring Forward and Other Time Issues

infinity_sm2We moved our clocks ahead an hour this past weekend  to “spring forward.” I dread these twice yearly time changes since they tend to discombobulate me, especially since I only use an alarm clock on the rare occasions either my husband or I book an absurdly early airline flight. Clearly whoever devised the time change strategy had different wiring than I do. Fortunately I adjust much more quickly to time changes when I apply the Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure self-helps which also work for jet lag. Please see the table below for more details on what points to hold.

Always arriving either early or late can reflect an imbalance in your relationship to time. You may squeeze time and/or you may get hard on yourself for lateness. The JSJ Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 5-6-7-8 Flow addresses issues related to punctuality and mortality as well. SEL 5 addresses fear, 6 harmonizes balance, 7 invites victory, and 8 represents infinity. The number eight with its balanced top and bottom represents “as above, so below” and also contains the infinity symbol when viewed sideways.

Do you contemplate your mortality, or perhaps more constructively, do you consider what soul trace you’ll leave? I know someone approaching her 30th birthday frustrated with her “failure” to meet societal expectations (husband, baby, house, high paying job) but I find her willingness to follow her heart in her career and personal healing inspiring. In my own journey, I realize my old values of “smart, productive, and thin” do not bring soul satisfaction nor a lasting legacy from the heart.

When, where, and how does time impact your daily life? Your immortal soul-centered one?

Flow Time Support Self-help part 1 Self-help part 2
11/25 Jet lag, time change Right hand on right 25, Left hand on right 11 Left hand on left 25, Right hand on left 11
Diaphragm Jet lag, time change, night workers (see link)
Eye Jet lag, time change Left fist in center right underarm, right thumb on right index fingernail Right fist in center left underarm, left thumb on left index fingernail
5/6/7/8 Punctuality, mortality Right hand on right 5, left hand on left 15 Left hand on left 5, right hand on right 15
Umbilicus Day workers (see link)


  1. Hi Christy, I’m not a morning person and would have difficulty surviving without an alarm clock. During my teaching days, I often had nightmares where the vice-principal called to find me groggy and still in bed. In retirement, I use the clock whenever I have morning appointments or a busy day ahead.

    The expression “soul trace” is new to me. It sounds softer and more enduring. BTW…I also thought “smart, productive and thin” were worthy goals.

    Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment and sharing. I’m amused by your vice-principal story! I’m a morning person but did use an alarm clock when I worked at IBM. I think I was sleep-deprived for years but now with sufficient sleep I naturally wake up between 5 and 6, usually closer to 5.

      The expression “soul trace” was new to me, too. The phrase came while I was editing the post. I think most people believe “smart, productive, and thin” are worthy goals until they begin to notice their hollowness and how the relentless pursuit of them doesn’t leave room for enjoying the here and now.



  2. Hello Christy, great read…I too have never been a morning person…one thing I have always had is good sleeping patterns…at 51 I still get 8 hours sleep and sound. Usually wake up naturally 645am without alarm clock. I have my coffee, take the dog out and watch CBS this morning and browse email for clients. I know myself enough now that when someone says you want to have coffee its NOT 730am or even 830am its 10am for me!

    BTW I agree w you and Joanne on the smart productive thin……………lost that 10 years ago LOL, nice article

    xo denise


    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for your lovely feedback and comment. Working with our own natural patterns tends to work best, doesn’t it? Plus there’s a lot of merit in establishing a routine so you can cruise through without making a bunch of decisions along the way. Great time mastery! 🙂

      Ha on the smart, productive, and thin! I think most of us swallowed that one but luckily we can also spit it out.

      All the best,


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