Lessons Learned and Relearned This Week

colorBang_smSome weeks bring unwanted lessons. Lately I’ve struggled with unconsciously driven stress, leading me to meditate at least two hours a day over the past several weeks. I suspect I didn’t outrun the stress effects, however, since I came down with shingles last week. At first the rash appeared unremarkable, like a nasty bug bite, but I did wonder about shingles, even telling my husband I might go to urgent care but then I talked myself out of it. The shingles virus responds best to the anti-viral medication within the first 72 hours. I didn’t make it to the doctor until day five. Lesson: Trust your intuition.

My doctor also indicated a small breast tissue anomaly I’d monitored for two months during self-exams needs a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound. I got the “trust your intuition” reminder a couple of times that day! Perhaps I also need to revisit the lessons described in my post Mountain or Molehill, considering how I downplayed these two medical issues.

While at the doctor’s office, I discovered I weigh ten pounds less than I thought. Don’t always believe what you think. It also reminded me: Sometimes it’s better to measure than guess.

Sickness creates “down time on demand.” Feeling lousy gets me off the hamster wheel of life, relieving me of all “shoulds.” Trying to relax can have the opposite effect. In the words of Yoda from Star Wars, Do or do not…there is no try.”

Ever since my father got sick in September and passed away a month later, I realize I’ve been waiting for the next shoe to drop. Since my coping style and my mother’s differ greatly, I feel I’ve seen entire shoe collections drop in recent months. Her limited practical life experience doesn’t translate into taking life as it comes but instead seems to hone her ability to monitor for potential problems. She wants my help but also doesn’t want to burden me which perversely drives me to try harder to help. Lesson: Others only become a burden if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Did you learn or relearn anything this week? Do some lessons seem less lasting than others?


  1. Hi Christy, I’m sorry to hear about your health challenges. Grieving definitely takes its toll on our physical and emotional health. I agree that illness forces us to take “down time on demand.” I will keep you and your mother in my prayers as you move through this difficult season. Take care…


  2. I’m sorry to hear of your health issues…I hope you get better…
    I tend to find that I’m still re-learning the same lessons at the moment, which for me is to appreciate, ‘presence’ and to keep being focused and creative.


    • Thank you and you’re welcome, Julie! I’m happy to report I’m not experiencing excruciating pain or much itching with my shingles. I definitely feel blessed.
      Many blessings to you as well,
      P.S. Congratulations again on your Pi Day wedding!


  3. Christy:
    I am so grateful you were able to share what you are facing of late. Be vulnerable at a time when you need support and love, if a big deal. I’m saying for you alone, I mean for ALL of us.
    I send all sorts of healing currents to you and know you are wise and strong and have already made this part of your story in a good way. Hugs, Janet


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