Prioritize Self-Care to Invite Compassion

mySpa_smLast week I co-hosted a Positive Fabulous Women chat (#pfwchat) on the topic of prioritizing self-care. The replies to my question “Where does self-care rank in your priorities?” reinforced my impression that self-care continues to challenge us. Many long to make themselves a top priority but it remains a wish, not a reality. Others seem to understand the value of filling their own well before giving.

Self-care increases your efficiency, effectiveness, and compassion. Self-care somehow gets misconstrued as selfish or self-centered when people overemphasize the “self” and underemphasize the “care.” Self-neglect doesn’t bring health, harmony, or happiness. Self-care does because it honors and feeds you, enhancing both your receptivity and generosity.

When you practice self-care you reinforce the behavior. Each self-nurturing action you take, even if it feels like a fake it until you make it move, gets internally processed as a supportive choice which in turn invites more of them. Self-worth depends in part on how you act toward yourself.

During Akashic Records readings people are often told not to give “at their own expense,” meaning self-depleting in order to give. Choosing to take care of yourself first puts you in a position of strength because you take care of your needs rather than letting them build until you become ill or exhausted. Self-sacrifice emanates from weakness, from not recognizing your own worthiness.

I drafted the following questions for the chat although I did not have time to ask all of them. Please feel free to share your answers to any or all of them.

Q1 What does self-care look & feel like to you?

Q2 Where does self-care rank in your priorities?

Q3 Is self-care selfish? Who decides?

Q4 Does practicing it mean you’re weak or strong?

Q5 Can there be too much self-care?

Q6 What stressors amp your need for it?

Q7 How does your self-care help others?

Q8 Any self-care tools & tips to share?

My quick answer: I love acupressure self-helps. Harmonize emotions with your own fingers!

Q9 Have you ever partnered with a self-care buddy?

Q10 In the next week, what (if any) self-care shift would you like to make?


  1. Hi Christy, Excellent post! I agree that we need to devote more attention to self-care and stop thinking of it as selfish. I’m impressed by people who regularly schedule golf games, exercise sessions, etc. and don’t let anything else interfere. BTW…I enjoyed last week’s #pfwchat. You might want to consider a follow-up session where you address specific tips and resources. Joanne 🙂


  2. Great post. I believe that, while being self-less is a great act of compassion, without self-care, it would be like driving an ambulance with deflated tires. You won’t get very far. And I firmly believe that healthy self-care is required in order to give compassion properly.

    Thanks for posting;-)


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