Harmonize Concerns by Focusing on Now

whatIsFocus_smThis past week when I fretted about how we’ll manage to downsize fifty years of accumulated belongings from my mother’s house to move her here, my husband reminded me, “Stop focusing on what ifs and focus on what is.” Ah, yes. Let’s face it, as a human you have to learn to sit with your concerns about what may or may not happen to you, others, and the planet. Inevitable change can either feel energizing or dreadful depending upon your mindset.

Playing the concerns track in your head often comes from worry. You believe you know what would help you and harm you. While you consciously realize life’s surprises might bring you a greater positive shift than you ever imagined, possible negative outcomes stay in your awareness also. The Fear Creating Worry doubts you can handle what life brings. Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure self-helps to harmonize worry include Safety Energy Locks (SEL) 1 through 4, your thumb, and the Stomach and Spleen organ functions.

The other “what if” scenario comes from longing for a better future. Maybe you’ll meet the perfect partner, find your dream job, or luck into something fabulous and positive. Anticipation serves you when it looks like hope and optimism but not when you discount the goodies you presently experience. JSJ SEL 26 self-help harmonizes past, present, and future.

As many experts such as Eckhart Tolle remind us, life only happens now since the future never comes. The future endlessly evolves into the now. If you sink into the present rather than focusing on the future, you better access the choices you can currently make which will influence or even craft your future. This active choosing empowers you, taking you out of victim mode.

When do what ifs torture you or take you away from now? How do you reign in worry?


  1. Hi Christy, Another timely post! Since last August, I’ve been anticipating and fretting over the two book launches that will occur this spring and summer. So many “what ifs” float through my mind and sometimes take residence there. Thanks for reminding me to stay in the present moment. Joanne 🙂


  2. Good article. I also think that learning to trust your intuition, mixed with being present, is also a valuable step in maintaining peace, and ignoring those worry thoughts, knowing that a higher self is directing your move along the way. Thanks for posting


    • Thanks for your comment, Julian. I love how you grouped all these magic elements together – intuition, presence, ignoring thought spam, and trusting in your higher self – a great recipe for a fulfilling life adventure. I’m in! 🙂


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