Freedom: Restore Choice

Freedom: Restore ChoiceLast week freedom came to the forefront for me between Independence Day here in the U.S. and my mother’s entry into independent living last Monday. Yesterday’s #spiritchat Twitter chat on spiritual freedom added more synchronicity to the timing of this post. May all beings be free!

“Freedom: You are free to change your experience by changing the criteria upon which you base your decisions.” How you evaluate yourself impacts the quality of your life. Both high and low standards can negatively influence your satisfaction and even how well you function. Asking “Whom, if anyone, does this benefit?” deflates mind-based perfectionism, directing heart-centered kindness toward yourself and others. Usually this question jolts me into awareness and gives me a good chuckle as well.

“Let go of old trappings and express your uniqueness.” Old trappings may follow conventional norms, falling into line with what others wear, think, or do. Trappings tend to conceal rather than reveal, reflecting testaments to outdated values, not your current evolution. In stepping away from societal and familial expectations, you embrace the freedom of self-expression which allows you to create what only you, in all of time and space, can.

Know you’re already free. Freedom largely depends on your belief systems and mindset. In every moment more freedom probably exists, if you can access it. Explore what feels lighter, freer, and easier. Lighter and freer mean you take yourself and life less seriously so you can adapt more readily. In contrast, internal rules and shoulds shackle freedom, constraining your natural expression of yourself.

Your thoughts, words, and actions reflect how free you feel. Unwelcome thoughts, and bothersome feelings arising from those thoughts, may haunt you. You may find yourself saying things you regret or acting inappropriately. At times you may even feel “not yourself.” Freedom expresses itself when your thoughts, words, and deeds align with your values.

Where could you benefit from more room, more freedom? How do you invite such a shift?

*The freedom quotes come from The Original Angel Card Book – Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


  1. Hi Christy, I’m happy to hear that you are feeling freer and happier. Those summer breezes make it easier to shed those unnecessary layers of “shoulds” and “ifonlys.” Joanne 🙂


  2. In last few months I have been living more intentionally and more in the moment,rather than fill my mind with worries and should dos. Because of that I have discovered enormous freedom in my life. Life seems more rich and full, and I feel lighter and more true to myself.


    • Ah, Mary Claire, what a great description of the benefits of freedom and a strong testament to how we can free ourselves! I’m so glad to hear of your positive shifts in life – woohoo!
      Happy mid-summer to you,


  3. Hi, Christy

    For me, freedom is we can get rid the bondages of the past and knowing there are spaces for we to expose our uniqueness and discovery of our new things and new self.
    The benefit of freedom is our ability to discover who we really are and life is more dynamic.


    • Hi Stella,
      Thanks for your comment! I love what you wrote. You have me contemplating how the past and the future can both restrict our freedom to discover who we are and what gifts we may bring. May we all be free from physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual bondage!
      Warm regards,


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