Choice: Elect to Learn and Grow

Choice: Learn and GrowAccording to the Akashic Records you select the key aspects of your human incarnation before you arrive. For example, you choose your parents and siblings, your hometown, your gifts and challenges, and even your physical appearance. Every soul wants to learn and grow although some lifetimes you seek evolution more ardently than others. At times your not-yet-incarnated soul may even seem to forget human fragility; how some challenges will knock the wind out of you repeatedly. Such soul growth requires resilience, perseverance, and it always helps to find humor in your predicaments if possible.

Once you arrive in your human form, you experience life through the lens of your soul-level choices, exercising your free will to make decisions as you go. Throughout life choice surrounds you. Burdens lighten when you own each choice. Saying “I choose” to do something rather than “I have” to do it empowers you by putting your life force behind it rather than someone else’s. I jokingly announce “I meant to do that” when I make a mistake, particularly when I spill something. Every supposedly poor choice or error allows you to practice love and compassion, a real gift.

Sometimes you choose by not deciding. Even if the deadline passes without you submitting your application or the house you considered buying sells to someone else, you heeded your inner wisdom at the time.Honor right timing and right actions, leaving unelected options as “not for you” when they arose. If you face a difficult decision now, know your free will also aligns with what supports you most as a soul, and either choice supports your continued evolution. Take life as it comes.

While you sort through your life options, electing and declining as you go, everyone around you engages in a similar process. Letting others’ own their own choices liberates you to focus on your challenges and growth. It also empowers them to gain mastery and responsibility. In my case I remind myself my mother chose to move here and live in her retirement apartment. I support her making another choice if it pleases her to do so. Remembering this, I can refocus on my own responsibilities.

Did your soul seem overly ambitious this lifetime? What helps you embrace choice?


  1. Hi Christy, As I read your post, I recalled an employer who would address staff complaints with “You chose…” Definitely annoying, but she did have a valid point. When we applied to teach at her school, we all knew that certain sacrifices and concessions would have to be made.

    Regarding my soul’s ambitions…I’m realizing them now.

    Thanks for another insightful post.

    Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      I’m chuckling at your “You chose…” example, interesting how choice can empower or disempower depending on perspective, particularly if you choose something with mixed benefits and drawbacks. This, of course, describes most of life! 😉

      I *love* the fact you’re realizing your soul’s ambitions. It shines through in everything you do!

      Continued best wishes,


  2. There is such wonderful and healing freedom when I “honor right timing and right actions” and apply this principle to all things – all events, all conversations, all choices – to my life. I am reminded that everything is indeed perfect.


  3. This is *so* important to understand! Recognizing that you choose your actions is so empowering. If you think you “don’t have a choice” because you don’t like the potential consequences, then be aware that it’s not that you “don’t have a choice,” but that you choose to not accept the potential consequences.


    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your visit and your great comment. Owning the potential consequences can be a huge barrier to making choices – this is a great reminder! When we choose, we chose the whole package, results and all. 🙂
      Warm regards,


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