Easing Soul Learning Challenges

Soul LearningLately I’ve experienced challenging soul learning. In attempt to overcome my oh-so-human struggles, I’ve recently worked with a shaman, two BodyTalk practitioners, my Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, my spiritual mentor, and I also received a couple readings from my Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe. Plus I’ve leveraged virtually all the tools I’ve accumulated in the past fifteen years or so and spent hours on the phone with friends. Yet life continues to feel hard, sometimes relentlessly so, as I move through the most intense soul challenge of my lifetime. In one of my recent readings Linda reminded me, “If life is hard, we must like it that way.” Clearly you learn from overcoming obstacles but how do you soften the blow when a soul learning challenge threatens to bludgeon you?

Sometimes soul learning the hard way most efficiently meets your soul’s objectives. You might spend many lifetimes learning something gently and incrementally or you could opt for an in-your-face, you’ll-get-this-now approach. Apparently when your soul elects which challenges to undertake it tends to underestimate the intensity you’ll face once you arrive in human form. You can console yourself by remembering doing intense soul work means it won’t last as long as it would if your soul opted to approach it more leisurely. Plus you’ll probably overcome the obstacle in your current lifetime. Imagine how good you’ll feel once you master the challenge.

Intense soul learning eases when you tap into self-love. A smaller, easier obstacle you would have overcome already, right? Admit it’s hard. Ask for help. Give yourself support. Pat yourself on the back for your courage and persistence. Cry, laugh, walk in the woods, phone a friend, and surrender as softly as you can to the hardness. Repeat as often as necessary. Become a guru in beginning again, starting where you are, taking life as it comes.

See if you can discern a soul learning theme. The human story underpins the soul one. Perhaps dealing with a difficult person relates to a theme of self-trust or self-love. How do you love yourself when dealing with a person’s antics or drama or blaming? How do you trust what you know around someone manipulative or conniving? Some other soul learning themes include abundance, surrender, compassion, faith, forgiveness, freedom, patience, and power. When you can focus on the soul-level objective and higher purpose, the human details often become easier to digest.

What soul themes apply for you in this lifetime? Where do you see progress in your evolution?




  1. Hi Christy, A thought-provoking post, this one hitting close to home. I winced at the comment: “If life is hard, we must like it that way.” I think those of us who are “fixers” tend to step in problem-solving mode whenever a challenge rears its head. And the people around us recognize that talent and sometimes take advantage of it. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment. I too winced at that line! I’m with you regarding the people who leverage the fixers of the world. Appropriate responsibility is another big soul theme! We can only be taken advantage of if we consent to it. Now there’s another wince-inducing idea. 🙂
      Warm regards,


  2. Wonderful post. Thinking of you as you do your hard soul work. I winced when I saw your comment in the response to Joanne, “We can only be taken advantage of if we consent to it.” Have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how easy it seems for me to give away my power, and how angry and sad it makes me every time I do.
    Mary Claire


    • Thanks, Mary Claire, I appreciate your comment and your kind thoughts. Power is a commodity we sometimes forget *we* choose how to spend. Of course you feel angry and sad when disempowered! The good news is you’re paying attention to the feedback you receive from yourself. More lovely but hard lessons…
      Happy Belated Birthday,


  3. Yes, this definitely struck a chord. A couple of years ago I was hit with a sudden health crisis just as I was moving forward solidly on my spiritual path. A small crisis, I learned recently, was meant to slow me down from taking a wrong path, it was never meant to be the major rift it became. I share that piece as I am definitely meant to be here for two purposes: to spread light and to heal self-doubt and too, have learned through Shamans,angel therapy, journeying, and accessing the Akashic Records, and Reiki healing sessions. I’m one who thrives on “Done. Got it. Next” learning and so this Summerl the faster I progressed, the faster it was dished to me. Which points to what is said, our spirit guides can overestimate what we can take. It’s okay to say, hey, slow it down! And even at that, you then sometimes need to say “speed it up!” in your best Lucy voice!
    When I would knock down self-love, I would shore up self-doubt. The two seem to go hand in hand. Now I’m pretty good on self-love, my power continues to strengthen and people don’t take advantage of me, as easily.
    A particular person was thrown into my life to make sure I got the lessons I needed. It was up to me to learn them, I think. Although, I also think “free will” is an illusion. Peace and light Lil


    • Hi Lil,
      Great to see you here and thanks for sharing part of your own journey to wholeness! I’m also a quick study, normally zooming through challenges but this time, no. I’ve been told I don’t get to be the smart and speedy one this time but rather must endure it until I can receive the deeper healing required for this intense challenge. Patience, another virtue I want NOW! 😉 Ah, free will, I could write about that at length. Perhaps another blog post… Thanks again for your comment.
      Much light and love,


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