Gratitude: Manifest What You Want

GratitudeManifesting“Cultivating Gratitude” surfaced as the topic for one of my favorite Twitter chats last week and I noticed my negative reaction to the word gratitude. While I consider myself a thankful and optimistic person, every time I started a gratitude journal I abandoned it a day or two later, feeling defeated and hard on myself for my apparent lack of gratefulness. In exploring my reluctance before the chat I uncovered a soul contract where I agreed to suffer with a family member. Releasing this contract dissolved my gratitude block.

“Gratitude: To be thankful widens the expression of your heart, and increases your ability to nourish the good in and around you.”* Consider thankfulness as heart fuel. You cannot constrict your heart when you feel grateful. In fact, appreciating life strengthens your heart “muscle,” opening you to increasing joy and fulfillment both now and in the future.

You probably know from the Law of Attraction “like attracts like” so where you focus impacts what you draw toward you in life. When you attend to and act on what you want, you grow the good. Gratitude further accelerates bringing what you want via appreciation. Essentially you ask the universe to keep refilling your life with deliciousness, please and thank you. In my Akashic Records work, the positive or negative charge on anything points the way toward greater harmony. Thankfulness not only increases the positive, it also softens what challenges you.

Support feeling grateful and fulfilled via Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 9 self-help by gently holding SEL 19, an easier place to access. SEL 9 also harmonizes beginnings and endings, perfect opportunities for practicing gratitude. As always with JSJ self-helps, you can hold the points for thirty-six exhales and inhales, a fixed length of time or until they feel complete.

Do you consciously practice gratitude? Do you feel grateful even in the midst of life challenges?

*The gratitude quote comes from The Original Angel Card Book – Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


  1. Hi Christy, A timely post! Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. The weather co-operated and we had a lovely burst of Indian Summer. It’s so easy to be grateful on perfect days like yesterday…the challenge is to cultivate gratitude on a daily basis. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Belated Happy Thanksgiving! We had lovely Indian Summer here yesterday as well. Glorious to be outside with the amazing fall foliage and equally phenomenal weather. At least cultivating gratitude gives a generous return on our investment. 🙂 I’m grateful (had to use that word!) for your comment and perspective.


    • Thanks for your comment, Beth. It’s interesting how some words resonate whereas others just don’t. I must say I’ve become a fan of gratitude, both the word *and* the concept. 🙂 Thankful works too and I love Thanksgiving as well.
      All the best,


  2. I can relate to Beth’s comment as I felt that way at one time. I realized it was a throwback to my religious upbringing. Expressing gratitude was to be humble and less of a person in a bigger light. This is not what gratitude is meant to be. Gratitude is more of a symbiotic relationship, as expressed by you Christy in gaining greater harmony through gratitude. I not only express gratitude every morning and evening, but frequently through the day. For me this is the result of becoming a bit of a “spiritual prostitute” exploring many spiritual practices. My whole heart lights up the rest of me in being grateful and I most often give some kind of gift back. The universe appreciates being appreciated. Anyway, now it’s just a natural state for me.


    • Thanks for your comment and insights, Lil. I hadn’t personally connected gratitude to religion although I definitely felt judged for not being sufficiently grateful. I love how you described how your grateful heart lights all of you, how the universe appreciates being appreciated (yes!), and how gratitude has become a natural state for you. What a lovely evolution and powerful testament to gratitude. 🙂
      Gratefully yours,


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