Humanity: Make a Daily Difference

Human Kindness“Sisterhood/Brotherhood: View humanity as your extended family and reach out with acts of kindness to all you meet.” Although I don’t consume much news, reports of Friday’s terrorist attacks flooded my Facebook and Twitter accounts, bringing the plight of Paris into my awareness and into my heart. Moments like these we remember our global connectivity, life’s uncertainty, and how ordinary people can rise to heroism when faced with tragedy. Terror and kindness always travel together. After I heard about the Paris attacks, I discovered they occurred on World Kindness Day, which I found simultaneously ironic and heartening.

Everyone on this planet belongs to our earth family including the people who personally challenge us as well as those whose inhumane behaviors brings us closer to both our global connection as well as our mortality. During the Gulf War in the early 90’s I worked with an Iraqi engineer at IBM whose family remained in Iraq. I witnessed his daily concern for family and friends, ordinary citizens trapped in the middle of unwanted conflict. Today Gulf War era babies may carry weapons or commit to peace, depending on how war shaped them.

I focus where I can make a difference. I know whatever I do reverberates through the web of humanity on this planet. When I smile at a stranger, make eye contact with a store clerk, or pray for peace a shift happens. When each of us extends kindness on whatever scale we can manage, the cumulative effect brings global light and love. We can and shall evolve toward peace through recognizing our shared humanity.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu® Japanese acupressure self-helps, you can support kindness and compassion. Apply Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 13 to love your enemies (have no enemies!) plus the third depth (Gallbladder, Liver, SELs 16 to 22, middle finger) and the Heart Organ Function Energy self-helps for love and compassion. May all of humanity remember love is always the answer, may each of us embody the heartfelt intent of World Kindness Day every day.

What acts of kindness do you practice regularly? How do you connect to the extended family of humanity?

The sisterhood/brotherhood quote came from The Original Angel Card Book – Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.



  1. Hi Christy, Like you and many others, I’m still reeling from the shock of Friday’s attacks on Paris. More than ever, I realize the importance of small gestures – a smile, friendly hello, spontaneous phone call or email. There is a butterfly effect in our world and we can spread kindness. Thanks for another timely post. 🙂


  2. Hi, Christy

    Everybody is shocked by the news of last Friday. As a mother, I always feel to lost one life is biggest tragedy because it is very hard to raise a child to an adult. I did not know that the day was also world kindness day. How can people perform such deadly actions? Until they are filled with evil thoughts and hatre.

    The remedy is not easy until we learn don’t be offended so easily and learn the ways not to offend others. Forgive people as much as we can in our daily life so the evil thoughts will never anchored in our minds.

    I like the open sentence of 2nd paragraph: Everyone on this planet belongs to our earth family including the people who personally challenge us as well as those whose inhumane behaviors brings us closer to both our global connection as well as our mortality. This is one of the sure ways to prevent such inhuman acts

    Love the post, Christy!

    Stella Chiu


    • Hi Stella,
      Thank you, I’m glad you love the post. Deep hatred and alienation from self and others is the only way such acts can occur. The only antidote to hate and alienation is love. Reversing entrenched patterns of hatred requires us as a global family to grow open our hearts and mind beyond our current perceived limitations. I believe we have what it takes to do it.
      Best wishes,


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