Practice Receiving in the Season of Giving

ReceiveWe’ve all heard the maxim “It’s better to give than to receive.” In truth, however, a balanced life requires both giving and receiving just as a body requires exhaling and inhaling. When you give unsustainably for too long, life forces a correction, often through resentment, stress, or even illness. Depletion may seem noble but self-sacrifice harms both giver and receiver. Depleted giving makes the gift less nutritious and harder to absorb.

Whenever you give, you receive. Whenever you gracefully receive, you give. Immersed in the universal soup of giving and receiving, the lines between giver and receiver blur. Ideally you learn to embrace both giving and receiving until they become as natural as breathing. Of course someone compliments you, of course someone offers you help, of course you find what you need when you need it. Otherwise you breath life through a mask, restricting the flow of abundance and joy.

All your gifts, from your material assets to your aptitudes, bestowed upon you by a Divine giver, allow you to receive amplified goodness. Offering your gifts in service tends to multiply them. Plus when you model celebrating and sharing what you have, you inspire others to do the same. Inspiration slows expiration!

In Jin Shin Jyutsu® Japanese acupressure, the Safety Energy Locks (SELs) on the back of the body support inhaling (receiving) whereas the ones on the front aid exhaling (giving or releasing). SELs 11 and 12 help those who find praise uncomfortable. For “givers” who find receiving difficult, apply both SEL 2 and the Stomach Organ Function Energy. If you either crave sympathy or cannot receive it, SEL 13 and First Depth (Stomach, Spleen, SELs 1-4, thumb) can help. SEL 23 also invites patience which opens you to present-time receiving.

How do you invite receiving? Where does receiving still feel difficult?

Yesterday’s Twitter chat #SpiritChat On Giving and Privilege inspired this post. I recommend reading Leslie Carother’s thought-provoking chat cover post.


  1. Hi Christy, Thanks for another excellent post! I can still recall someone (a very “misguided” adult) saying: Give until it hurts. I believe too many women received that particular news flash at a young age and have suffered because of it. Now that we know better, let’s do better. Joanne 🙂


  2. Hi, Christy

    What a excellence post of giving-receiving in the Season of Giving. I believe you can give out generously until you receive from sources first.
    I don’t agree totally that it is better to give than receive. It all depends on individual situation. Sometimes, it is hard for someone to receive because of his own pride.
    I like your statement that give and receive must done in “balance” manner.
    – love your post, will share.
    – Stella Chiu


  3. Hi,Friend ,
    Good post

    Hi Friend,
    Nice blog I personally believe once u start giving u recieve more abundantly more you give more you recieve it can be anything like love, care support or money prayers etc universe bless abundantly.
    Divine blessing


    • Hi N.syed,
      Thank you. I agree with you – the more you give you receive and vice versa. The universe and other people respond to us with abundant “gifts” when we practice the art of mindful giving and receiving. I love remembering giving helps us receive, thank you.
      Warm regards,


  4. I had to learn how to receive with grace. For a long time I rejected or dismissed compliments, unaware that it negatively impacted the person giving the compliment. Now, regardless of what I might feel on the inside, I give back a smile and thank you. Thanks for writing this post.


    • Erin,
      I had the same experience. Years ago I tried to sidestep every compliment I was given. It feels so much nicer to me, and presumably to the compliment giver, when I graciously receive. Thank you and you’re welcome! 🙂
      Warm regards,


  5. Great post, Christy! I have definitely felt the burnout from giving myself in as many ways as possible without accepting any help in return. I believe as women we are definitely more prone to this, however being an entrepreneur I also find myself falling into the mindset of needing to be everything for everyone and handling everything on my own. It’s a process, but I’m working on changing that.


    • Hi Ariana,
      Thanks for your comment and interest. I agree women and entrepreneurs often tend to focus outside themselves (ourselves!) over-giving and under-receiving. Kudos to you for recognizing the pattern and refocusing on getting your needs met sustainably!
      All the best,


  6. HI friend,
    I just want to share my experience when i was diagnosed cancer that time i understood what is life i recieved tons n tons of love prayers support and i cant say what i hv not recieved from my family friend neighbours doctors staff and best thing is that some people hv not seen me they have given me so much love and prayers. I always want to give whatever i could to people irrespective of whether i know them if a person is in need i help them with my prayers monetarily i cant afford but giving them whatever i could. THERE IS A JOY GENUINE HAPPINESS in giving when you give you recieve abundantly .DIVINE BLESSING
    Warm regards

    N.syed kaleem


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