Contentment: Move from Frustration to Peace

Contentment“Contentment: Savor what is in your life now. The creative process is never finished. Let go of striving and rest in satisfaction and joyous fulfillment.” According to the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, anger and frustration reflect the fear of not getting what you want. In contrast, when you experience contentment, you make peace with the present moment and all it contains. What you get becomes what you want.

You might change the situation, change your thoughts, or change both to alleviate frustration. In relationships, the frustrating person rarely possesses both the motivation and skill set to invite more harmony. Changing a situation works more effectively with internal changes such as receiving energy work or getting support around making new choices.

When you change your thoughts, you reframe the life challenge and discharge some of the negative energy. This energy discharge can in turn alter how you and others respond which may shift the underpinnings of the issue itself. For example, perhaps a friend or family member often requests urgent assistance, looking for help where they themselves have or could develop competency. If their requests repeatedly get filled, no incentive exists for the situation to change, even if you feel burdened. However if you realize you don’t need to respond, you restore your ability to choose, thereby sidestepping the frustration of helping the one who could help herself. Contentment arises when you realize “enough” includes tending to your own needs appropriately.

To further invite contentment, apply JSJ self-helps for fifth depth (release pretending to be happy) i.e., Safety Energy Locks (SELs) 24 to 26, Organ Function Energies Heart and Small Intestine, and thumb, plus SEL 12 (perfect happiness now), SEL 15 (joy and laughter), SEL 22 (happy wherever you are), SEL 24 (alleviate frustration), and SEL 26 (fulfillment).

How do you invite contentment? When does contentment feel out of reach?

The contentment quote came from The Original Angel Card Book – Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


  1. Hi Christy, Thanks for reminding us we can choose contentment. It’s so easy to think we must attend to every crisis that arises. One of my mantras ~ It doesn’t always have to be done perfectly…and by you. Joanne 🙂


  2. “If their requests repeatedly get filled, no incentive exists for the situation to change, even if you feel burdened.” So true. There are many who feel like they’re helping, when in fact, they’re hindering the other person’s growth and development. I’ve had to watch this carefully with myself in how I interact with my young daughter. My hand wants to help her hold the measuring spoon to keep from spilling the baking powder, and yet I will it to stay by my side so that she can build her own steadiness. I don’t always succeed at this, but I am trying. Thank you for another lovely post.


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