Soul Point of View Explorations

Akashic PerspectiveI’ve discovered most successful Akashic Records, aka soul point of view, explorations share common elements including a curiosity about energetically charged situations. Greater energetic charge, either positive or negative, tends to reveal where the richest soul-level information awaits.  The people who either invigorate or repel you teach you far more than the neutral ones. The same applies to charged activities, situations, gifts, and challenges.

Providing some details about the issue accelerates accessing the pertinent soul point of view information underpinning your current situation. I don’t have a crystal ball or psychic abilities, and the records aren’t a divination tool like Tarot cards or astrology. Knowing the gist of a given situation allows me to provide new insights regarding soul themes as well as relevant ancestral patterns or past lives. Consider the dictionary as a parallel. As a resource a dictionary adds much more value when you look for a specific word rather than hoping you’ll randomly find something helpful.

The more you can detach from a preferred outcome, the more you can receive new information. Listening with fresh ears and an open heart toward yourself and others invites healing and internal reconciliation. Sometimes a fierce focus on a desired outcome prevents making peace with your current predicament. The records, with their atmosphere of love and compassion, can help soften any human difficulty.

A desire for soul-level evolution also paves the way for quality explorations. Your human experience may frustrate, thwart, and confound you at times. I can remember moments in my own records when I cried out for relief, frustrated by how stuck I felt as a human, not caring about my soul point of view. Luckily the records remind us of the broader, more divine scope of our human struggles.

Do you reframe your life from your soul point of view? Do you believe everything happens for a (soul) reason?

If you’d like to explore the Akashic records on your own, I highly recommend my teacher Linda Howe’s books. I discussed her first book How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey in this blog post: Entering Your Soul’s Archive


  1. This is a very ‘rich’ post, Christy. Every paragraph has weighty material, worthy of contemplation. The “more you can detach from a preferred outcome…” is a great reminder to examine the life areas where we are so focused on seeing what we want to see, that we cannot see the forest for the trees…

    I’ll be dwelling in this post for a while – I will return with my cup of tea 🙂



  2. Hi Christy, Thanks for another thought-provoking post. During my teaching career, several colleagues commented on my laser-like focus. In retirement, I’m depending less and less on my well-honed left brain strengths. I like to think I’m more aware of my soul point of view. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment. Based on our interactions, I’d say you definitely are soul aligned and by that I mean you seem to grow more and more into yourself and your potential. Plus I love how your blog helps others document their journeys toward their soul-full aspirations. 🙂
      Keep on inspiring,


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