Yield To Divine Detours

SignsSometimes life bypasses your beliefs and preferences to expedite getting you to your soul-level destinations. A few months after I started remote healing work I received intuitive instructions to heal a past life for someone. I objected since I didn’t believe in past lives and heard, “Well, you do now.” I reluctantly released my old belief since experience taught me I could trust what I received. Although you may object, sometimes a U-turn provides a swift detour from point A to point B.

Other times you may practice selective seeing or hearing. In July 2012, I visited my doctor to have him evaluate a facial skin lesion. Once there I discovered I weighed exactly what our scale reported, a number I didn’t believe despite the other data corroborating my weight loss. I wonder how much longer I would have lost weight and bone density prior to my celiac diagnosis if I hadn’t gone in for something unrelated.

You may practice selective recall as well. Occasionally a client mentions something factually inaccurate they “remember” from a prior Akashic Records reading with me. Without this faulty interpretation or recall, I suspect they would have made other less soul-supportive choices.

The Akashic Records support your soul-level evolution. Thus they always lead you toward your highest good, even if the reported information appears inaccurate in retrospect. Say you can’t decide whether to take a trip to somewhere you might move and ask in the records whether you’ll enjoy the trip. Based on the information you go on the trip, don’t enjoy it, and decide you don’t want to move there after all. A disappointing trip can provide crucial information. Sometimes what you learn in the records bypasses your resistance plus further unnecessary detours.

Would you care to share a time when misinformation, misperception, or selective amnesia led you to a divine detour? I invite you to share your stories.


  1. Hi Christy, I’m not certain if this qualifies as a divine detour. I like to think of it as a divine nudge.

    In March of 2006, I experienced a bone-crushing fatigue. My doctor and oncologist suspected depression and were ready to prescribe anti-depressants. They tried to reassure me by quoting statistics: 25% of cancer survivors experience depression in the year after treatments. But I resisted. In my gut, I didn’t think it was depression.

    I cut back on many of my activities and hoped the fatigue would go away. But my health did not improve. In June, a friend sent a recent picture she had taken of me. I couldn’t believe what I saw…half my eyebrows were cut off!! A warning bell went off. I checked on the Internet and discovered the link between missing eyebrows and hypothyroidism. I called my doctor and asked him to schedule bloodwork. Three days later, I received a call informing me that my TSH level were in the high nineties. I had severe hypothyroidism.

    Fast forward nine years…

    My TSH levels have stabilized. I take a daily Thyroxine pill and have regular bloodwork done. I often wonder what would have happened had I not received that picture.

    Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Wow, that’s a divine nudge for sure! Interesting how medical professionals tend to see what they expect to see. Presumably a practitioner looked right at your eyebrows and didn’t notice! Thank goodness you stayed open to what else might emerge. Hurray for your stable TSH levels! A real success story…
      Continued best wishes,


  2. This resonated with me too! Thank you for stepping up so faithfully and personally! The downside to my health crisis is I spent at least 1 1/2 years slowed to a crawl. Nearly literally. I know I wasn’t meant to have gotten so ill, but I was meant to be tracked to a different path. Same path, but different. At any rate, all of my “soul” sisters have remarked that spiritually and universally, I have been on a speed course. It’s been like “Done, got it, next.” It was a bit overwhelming, but has now slowed.

    The point is the universe hit me with an asteroid, but only grazing me enough to jar me to the right course, not completely detonate. In the course of reading the Akashic Records, journeying, and talking with a medium I trust, I have found it to be true that on the surface, what I get seems to not apply or make sense. But being still with it and letting it work through, it has all been very nearly spot on.

    “Selective amnesia” Interesting phrase in this context. I am finding I am remembering things about my father (who died when I was little) that I had not known I had forgotten. Good things. The twinkling blue eyes. Thoughtful expression. Smiling. I believe these things to be nudging me to healing past lives and past lives of others connected to me. It may be that I am remembering these things as he is healing. That is my strongest impression.

    Thanks, Christy!


    • Hi Lil,
      Thanks for your lovely sharing. I too almost literally crawled during the early days of my celiac diagnosis, my own “asteroid.” I love this description and all the gifts this detour has clearly brought you in the form of people, experiences, and processes! Hard to say who is healer and who gets healed, right? I’m sure you and your father are both benefiting. Love, love, LOVE!

      Best wishes as you continue on your soul path, whatever direction or speed it takes.

      Hugs to you,


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