Invite Joyful Harmony Breath by Breath

HarmonyJazzAccording to Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, every health project or disharmony arises from problems inhaling, exhaling, or both. When the JSJ instructors discuss breathing they refer to the “Big B” Breath and the “little b” breath. The little b corresponds to the physical breath you exhale and inhale. The Big B Breath relates to the Universal breath, all aspects of energetic giving and receiving. Harmonizing the Universal breath brings physical health benefits as well.

When you have a specific label or diagnosis, you may receive JSJ flows or apply self-helps tailored to the project in question. However, for general support or if you face something complicated and/or undiagnosed, certain JSJ flows harmonize everything. For example, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 1 supports all other flows and vice versa. The Sixth Depth self-helps (center of your palm, Organ Function Energies Umbilicus and Diaphragm) harmonize the Universal breath. Umbilicus supports all inhaling flows whereas Diaphragm harmonizes all exhaling ones. Organ Function Energy Kidney supports breathing, and therefore everything, because the flow passes through your lungs, airway, and mouth.

While complete JSJ flows contain up to seventeen separate steps, self-helps provide an abbreviated version. Often self-helps come directly from the first or “anchor” step of a flow sequence but sometimes the hold cannot be applied on yourself. Consider, for example, the impossible task of placing your left hand on your left elbow crease. Additional “everything” JSJ self-helps include the 5/6/7/8, Breathing, 23/25, Main Central Vertical (MCV), Opposite Fingers and Toes, and 3rd Method of Correction as shown in the table below. As always, you can hold self-helps for 36 exhales and inhales, for a fixed length of time, or until they feel done. In the case of Opposite Fingers and Toes, hold each toe approximately a minute.

My self-maintenance includes meditation, cardiovascular and strength workouts, Akashic Records readings, writing haiku, and various JSJ self-helps, among other practices. How do you maintain your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

[table id=2 /]


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