52 Posts To Invite Joy, Peace, and Freedom

52 For Peace, Ease, FreedomWelcome to my third 52 post blog summary. Reaching this milestone again startles me as much as the first two times especially in view of the challenges I faced this blogging year. My world changed significantly after moving my mother from her Indiana home of fifty years first to our house temporarily and then to a retirement community here in Vermont. I continue unraveling decades of caretaking conditioning which spurs my own personal explorations and discoveries. In fact, it led me to a new modality I’ll write more about once I complete the in-person training in Portland, Oregon in April.

For those not familiar with my work, I write about soul-level harmony and wholeness based on the following modalities and experiences:

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ), a gentle Japanese form of acupressure
  • The Akashic Records, viewing your life from a Soul Point of View (#SoulPOV)
  • Intuitive healing, an ability which spontaneously surfaced in 2007
  • My on-going studies in an embodied energy system addressing chakras, auras, and energy hygiene
  • My own journey from chemical engineering at IBM to healer and my continued evolution into my authentic soul self

Posts 1 through 10:

Another 52 Blog Posts At A Glance A summary of my second year of blog posts
Book: Discover Your Soul’s Path Linda Howe’s third Akashic Records book
Empowerment Via Your Soul Authority Release conditioning and listen to your soul
Spring Forward and Other Time Issues Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-helps related to time
Lessons Learned and Relearned This Week Life lessons worth revisiting
Leverage Your Gifts, Sidestep Your Weaknesses Take advantage of your aptitudes
Harmonize Invited and Uninvited Change Make peace with whatever comes
Prioritize Self-Care to Invite Compassion Return self-care to the top of your list
Harmonize Concerns by Focusing on Now Release worry and “what ifs”
Faith: Know All Shall Be Well Connect to safety, connection, and reassurance

Posts 11 through 20:

Simplicity: Focus on What Matters To You Release the unimportant stuff
Spontaneity: Be The Flow Let life carry you
Compassion: Soften into Your Life May your heart remain open
Improving By Ten Percent Eat the elephant one bite at a time
Resilience: Strengthen What Sustains You Resilience allows you to persevere
Accept: Align With Life Accept yourself, others, and life
Responsibility: Empowered Action Freedom comes with appropriate responsibility
Willingness: Step Into Possibility Direct your will constructively to bring more ease and peace
Freedom: Restore Choice Free yourself from feeling you have no choice
Power: Consciously Energize Your Life Retake life’s reins

Posts 21 through 30:

Risk: Expand Beyond Your Perceived Limits Make peace with uncertainty and live boldly
Intention: Return to Your Why Your why reflects your highest good
Choice: Elect to Learn and Grow Let soul alignment guide your choices
Trust: Receive Assurance Trust yourself, others, and life
Invite Harmony Via Your Astrological Phrase Your natural inclinations allow shifts
Self-Compassion: Honor Your Intrinsic Worth Cover post and Q’s from a Twitter chat exploring self-compassion
Communication: Authentic Sharing Appropriate vulnerability allows closeness
Self-Love: Can You Give What You Don’t Have? Self-love grows through giving and receiving
Easing Soul Learning Challenges Uncovering soul themes can accelerate learning
Balance: Find Your Equilibrium Balance embraces opposites

Posts 31 through 40:

Love: Accept and Harmonize Fear According to JSJ, all disharmony stems from fear
Expectancy: Embrace Now and the Future Shift from expectations to expectancy
Gratitude: Manifest What You Want Gratitude magnifies what you love, bringing you more
Tenderness: Strength in Softness Kindness and caring soften life’s difficulties
Forgiveness: Drop What Burns You Forgiveness brings freedom
Authenticity: Realize Your Unique Potential Allow your uniqueness to be seen and heard
Rejuvenation: What Restores You? Cover post and Q’s from a Twitter chat exploring rejuvenation
Humanity: Make a Daily Difference Every act of kindness matters
Honesty: Leverage Your Voice Conscious honesty can free you
Practice Receiving in the Season of Giving Give and receive, repeat

Posts 41 through 52:

Contentment: Move from Frustration to Peace Align to reality to release frustration
Soul Point of View Explorations Open to soul level possibilities and divine outcomes
Give the Holidays the Finger JSJ finger self-helps to harmonize difficult emotions
Boost Your Post-Holiday Spirit Return to your normal rhythm and routine
Resolve to Skip Resolutions “Do the math” to improve your life
Yield To Divine Detours Detours differ from mistakes
Truth Without Attitude(s) How negative emotions mislead
Finger Flows For Love, Reproduction, and Warm Hands JSJ self-helps
What If It Isn’t A Sign? Connect to your inner authority
Invite Joyful Harmony Breath by Breath JSJ self-helps supporting “Everything”
Exploration: Expand Your Knowing Get curious and ask provocative questions
Finding Meaning: Creating A Meaning-FULL Life Cover post from a Twitter chat exploring meaning


  1. Congratulations Christy! Such a wonderful milestone. I always enjoy reading your posts every Monday. They provide me with great tools and useful information to support my work during the week.
    Mary Claire


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