Birth New Opportunities and Perspectives

Birth“Birth marks the shift from one dimension to another. New life, new ideas, new forms come into being.”* Yesterday I read an article reporting 80% of women without children are “childless by circumstance” rather than by choice or infertility. I myself always assumed I’d have children and as a child I felt sorry for my childless aunt and uncle. However, I didn’t marry until the summer I turned 36 and I wanted to feel our marriage was solid before we tried to conceive. While I occasionally feel a touch of poignant longing for a child, I mostly feel at peace, knowing my soul work this lifetime includes giving birth to my authentic self and self-expression. I must give myself “new life.”

You can birth new ideas when you learn and connect or when you release and allow. When you get exposed to fresh material, perspectives, and connections, a new awareness or knowing may spark. You may see through a new filter or you may experience a revolutionary leap. The birth process allows you to release outdated belief systems, find new truths, and hear your own stories in a new way.

New forms often arise out of the old. Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to write fiction. Although fiction doesn’t align like I once hoped, I still love the power of story. Now I assist clients through placing their current life situations and challenges into their soul evolution narrative in my Akashic Records work. I also help people edit their life stories by supporting their mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual transformations. Maybe you can attract more aligned clients through unique-to-you marketing. Perhaps you can shift your career by developing a new skill set. Maybe you find a novel way to express yourself personally or professionally.

What are you birthing now? What else can you bring or express to the world?

*Quote from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake


  1. Hi Christy, Thanks for another thought-provoking post. Right now, I’m contemplating a change in direction. Not 180 degrees – probably more like 70 degrees. Things are still at the incubation stage, but I’m excited about the prospect of change.

    I stayed in teaching for 31 years – I can’t even imagine another long haul.

    Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment! I love how you quantified your change in direction, such a math thing to do. 😉 Often when I do healing work I hear “make a quarter turn” on whatever the underlying issue is. I guess every quarter contributes to the complete shift. Hurray on your latest act!
      Warm regards,


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