Presence: The Gift You Give Yourself

Presence“Presence: Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence. Know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh.”*

Presence means you embody and empower your authentic self. When you let go of any facade created to make yourself look better to yourself or to others, you liberate yourself. You can then redirect energy spent once spent on managing life to manifesting soul-inspired outcomes. Real means you release inner conflicts and the torment of any expectations which do not align with your heart and gut.

When you know your place, you know you belong.

In her group meditations, my Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe often refers to owning where you stand. Standing unapologetically in your body, in this container which carries the soul expression of you, grounds you in the explicit permission to accept your rightful place on this earth. This allows you to fill yourself with your you-ness, with confidence in connection to self, others, and the planet.

Presence arises in the present and reflects your soul.

When present, you no longer rely on your beliefs about yourself to direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You get created and recreated in every moment via your soul’s yearning to evolve and connect. You respond mindfully, heart-fully, in the present. Old stories and future fears no longer influence your trajectory.

According to Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, a harmonious Fifth Depth supports self-acceptance, authenticity, and intimacy. It also prevents hiding and lying to yourself and to others. Thus it brings you into authentic presence. Fifth Depth self-helps include Safety Energy Locks 24 to 26, Organ Function Energy Heart and Small Intestine, and your pinkie finger. Hold each self-help for thirty-six exhales and inhales, for a fixed length of time, or until it feels complete.

When do you feel your presence? How does it feel in your body?

*Presence quote from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.


  1. Hi, Christy

    I do not know that the word “presence” can have so many meanings or benefit to my soul. One benefit is that we own our own place on this earth. It does give sense of belonging to the souls. The other benefit stand out is the releasing all the internal conflict that don’t align with my heart.

    The result of “presence” is the generation of my peace inside,

    Thanks for the article!
    Stella chiu


  2. I find I need to continually work to be present. It’s a muscle we need to flex, and it is absolutely one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and others. To bless them with our utter and complete presence. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Good post. When I feel presence, I feel my Solar Plexus Chakra opening up, and it allows me to increase my inner personal power (Something that sometimes feels strange growing up in a pacifist type childhood). Combined with oneness during meditation, and I feel fairly energised (even after a bad nights sleep)
    Thanks for posting


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