Adventure: Open to the Unexpected

Adventure“Your life is a grand adventure. Take risks. Explore the unknown. Journey forth into the great, wide open without preplanned outcomes.”*

On your soul journey you explore life themes through your everyday experiences and choices. These adventures allow you to discover yourself, find meaning, and connect to life’s mystery and magic.

Your choices may lead to physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual adventures.

World travelers, masters in physical adventure, know their preparation plus their savvy in the moment shall allow them to move through whatever presents itself. A mental explorer may return to school after a long hiatus, trusting they shall find their way. An emotional adventure might involve behaving authentically in an important relationship. Perhaps to support your spirit you go on a retreat or join a group who prays, meditates, or chants. Adventures may involve exploring new territory, tracing or expanding boundaries, or revealing your authentic self.

Adventure means you release agendas while you cultivate curiosity and invite surprise.

When you invite adventure you jump into the flow of life as you relinquish control and fear. In releasing control, you can open your hands and heart to relax and receive support as needed. Agendas, sourced by fear, reflect a constrained life itinerary. In contrast, permission to explore can lead to surprise and delight.

Adventurousness arises from internal assurance.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure self-helps for security include First Depth (Safety Energy Locks 1 through 4, Organ Function Energies Stomach and Spleen, and the thumb), plus SEL 8 (magic in life), 21 (mental freedom), 23 (relinquish false security), and Organ Function Energy Heart (quell insecurity).

When do you feel a sense of adventure? How do you leap into the unknown?

Speaking of adventures, this weekend I head to Portland, Oregon for a week-long training in embodied energy work. I’ll meet you back here in two weeks.

*Adventure quote from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.



  1. Hi Christy, Thanks for another thought-provoking post. I must confess that I haven’t taken too many adventures lately. This post is nudging me to invite more adventure into my life. Molte grazie!

    Joanne 🙂

    P.S. Enjoy your Portland adventure.


  2. Hi, Christy

    I believe each people has certain degree of adventure spirit. Some people have higher degree. The degree of adventure spirit directly proportional to the internal assurance. The person who likes adventure does not mind to step into unknown in order to unexpected changes.

    Hope you will have good adventures in Oregon!

    Stella Chiu


    • Hi Stella,
      Thanks for your comment and interest. I think you’re right that people seem to come into the world with a certain adventure “setpoint” but I also think we can learn to grow beyond our setpoint to allow more freedom and exploration. Thanks for your good wishes for my upcoming trip.
      All the best,


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