Rest: Relax to Refresh and Restore

RestLike most people, I only take an extended rest when forced.

If I ingest gluten, it takes me down for a few hours. It took me weeks, in some cases months, to rest and recover from pneumonia in graduate school, a whiplash injury a few years later, two visits to see the Brazilian healer John of God at Omega Institute, and my initial celiac symptoms. Forced down-time contrasts with my innate high energy and enthusiasm, allowing me to explore what feels comfortable and what feels like enough.

Eventually resting causes me to feel restless, to crave any activity besides more rest.

I tend to forget this represents the turning point where the down-time has worked its magic. Self-compassion, with whom I have a fickle relationship, rebounds around the same time I feel energetic enough to return to my regular life.

Forced rest for me often means more time spent asleep than awake.

Other times I seek activities requiring minimal physical effort. During my recent rest while integrating the Embodied Energy healing and practitioner training I received in Portland, I impulsively purchased a coloring book and pencils. Coloring today’s blog image reminded me of how I loved paint-by-number kits as a child, an activity I hadn’t thought of in years. I also found coloring meditative, an unexpected side benefit.

I find it helpful to consider forced rest in the context of the Akashic Records.

Since the records represent the soul point of view, a few months here or there within the framework of many lifetimes becomes more tolerable. While each day, week, and month matters, changing focus helps me take it as it comes. Conversely this also brings me to my breath so I can connect to the finer details of life.

When have you been forced to rest? What did you learn from it?


  1. Welcome back, Christy!

    Great job taking the time you needed. You exemplify a beacon of light in self-care. Why is it easier to support someone in their down-time than our own? 😊 I too find coloring just the right amount of meditative play to transcend discomfort at times.

    Thank you for sharing your light.


    • Thanks, Lori! I love your profile photo.

      Down-time is a funny thing – it sounds good in principle but as I wrote, sometimes life has to force me to rest. Nice to know you’re a fellow coloring fan. I didn’t “get it” until I got it. 😀

      You’re welcome and thank *you*!


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thank you. Funny on the paint-by-number kits! I had completely forgotten about them until I found myself repeatedly coloring certain shapes the same color. I don’t consider myself artistic but I do like to doodle so coloring is a fun option. 🙂
      All the best,


  2. What a timely post. I just spent last week “clearing my calendar” due to a stomach bug. I was so frustrated at being forced to slow to a halt. Every day for a week I would hope that I would be able to fulfill my commitments that day. The universe had another plan and I finally gave in.

    For years, I have struggled with being “too busy.” This past week showed me that life can go on without me when I need to rest. Where I didn’t get out my coloring book, I did have the time to plant some flowers in my garden and that made me happy.

    Thanks for the gift of your insights about self care. Lucille


    • Hi Lucille,
      Ugh on the stomach bug but I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now. I love thinking of the beautiful flowers you planted.

      You’re welcome! Thank you for your interest and comment.


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